2019.2.26 Case Study

CSR With A Branding Experience, JFE Holdings, Inc.

EcoPro: exhibition for environmental sustainability

EcoPro is an annual exhibition organized and held in Tokyo by Japan Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) Nikkei Inc.

The title for year 2018 was “EcoPro 2018 Environment and Society of the SDGs Era, and to the Future”.
The venue being Tokyo Big Sight with around 650 Exhibitors, 170,000 Visitors.

Exhibitors showcase all things eco from products, solutions, environmental technology. This exhibition is highly educational and informative, revealing the reaches of current technology that foster CSR initiatives in Japan. Walking through the event, you could sense a great pride in the demonstration of environmental sustainability.

JFE Holdings, Inc.

JFE Holdings, Inc. is one such notable company. As a major player in the industrial landscape, JFE handles upwards of 40% of Japan’s steel production.

"To create, to support, to sustain"

JFE chose Bigbeat to create their EcoPro 2018 booth after consultation about how best to communicate the brand message through digital and analog forms.

"We had a proposal with some technological ideas in mind. 
From the beginning of the creation process, Bigbeat consulted with JFE to learn about the message it wanted to portray to the world. We met with their people, visited their office and factory to see what takes place behind the scenes. JFE no doubt has a full CSR initiative, which when constituted is quite complex in its documentation. Bigbeat took this and condensed it into a simple and clean form of branding for everyone to see at this exhibition. 

We sat down with JFE to set the theme for the booth:
'to create, to support, to sustain'".

An experiential booth

"Bigbeat created a big overhead banner flexing in a concave panel, wrapping around the booth to signify this theme of nurturing the environment. We strived for a concept that closely connects visitors to the experience of JFE’s social work in an approachable and sensible way.

Upon entering the booth, the design takes the visitor on a journey of the story about the company’s vision to the future.

We displayed real materials, ore, coal, limestone used to create steel so visitors could begin a lively tour through a simple tactile experience.
We placed a hole in the wall for visitors to peak through to spark some curiosity seeing and hearing the sounds of a JFE factory’s refinement process.
A shelf space displayed real model examples of steel hybrid motors, bumper guards and internal layouts to be displayed.

There were informative panel designs alongside video screens explaining each of the processes from remote management to energy circulation to recycling".

Augmented Reality for a memorable experience

"The centerpiece of the booth was a custom made diorama our creatives designed. The diorama laid out a representation of the industrial site, the factories, and the other initiatives in a pure, eye-level kind of way.

We integrated technology through an Augmented Reality application for visitors to gain a comprehensive and fun perspective of the different workings. All carefully planned and arranged to find a best fit for display. Walking around the diorama was a memorable experience".

Traditional meets digital

"We created colorful pamphlets to illustrate the overall chain operation revealed in the booth that also responds to the AR application. They were handed out for visitors to take with them to learn more after leaving the booth. 

The overall design stimulated communication and served the educational aspect of the content. It was fun for all ages, for the school kids on morning field trips to industry professionals and environmental enthusiasts.
Everyone stayed a while engaged in the booth, and took away the message of how JFE actually creates and sustains the environment through its practices".

It was fun because we were able to have the experience in exploring more about the company's solutions and values, and we designed ideas from that.
– Tando, Project Lead, Bigbeat x JFE

"This time was a unique opportunity as we were able to contribute to the event of great endeavor in how we take care of our communities and society for the current and next generation. In that, there was a moving story with a sense of encouragement planted in many people".

Bigbeat creates connections with our clients to propose unique solutions for the brand’s core story to be told. We are creative and innovative in our approach to continually push the envelope for true expression. In this way, it’s clear that we aren't just a market consulting service but a complete brand communication partner in Japan. 

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