2019.7.8 Report

Registration for 2019's Bigbeat LIVE is open!

Since 2019, Bigbeat has been holding our annual Bigbeat LIVE conference at the beginning of every August. 

The theme of this yearly event is ‘change management through marketing.’

We are looking to help create a future where Japanese businesses see the value of marketing as the greatest tool for management. And through this, making a better future. 

Our first year was about us declaring our vision that ‘marketing is the greatest tool for management.’ For our second year, we gathered the marketers who agreed with our vision and who are still struggling to make it a reality in their own companies. It became a place where we gathered people with the ‘will’ to struggle. 

The breadth of our third year has become even larger and we are gathering people who are beginning to see change in or are trying to start changing their company. It is about taking the next step in order to make changes for the better at your company. Our slogan for the year is ‘Go for it!’ and our speakers are marketers who are very active in the field. 

The appeal of the event is the number and variety of speakers. Their presentations will not just be stories on how everything went well but also how each speaker had to struggle to get to the stage they are at now. We will have B2B marketers from companies in a wide variety of industries like Adobe, Sansan, Dai Nippon Printing, and more give presentations.

This time we will have two separate stages, one focused on ‘administration’ and one focused on ‘overseas expansion.’

In Japan, government administrations provide services to everyone who lives in the area, but this service is not thought about from the marketing point of view. But from here on out, the population will continue to decline. And marketing is becoming increasingly important for both corporations and the government. We will have speakers talking about this at our ‘administration’ focused sessions. 

At the ‘overseas expansion’ stage, our speakers will talk about the marketing wall that many Japanese companies hit when they expand abroad. While they are able to establish a sales office and an R&D department, it is difficult for them to find their roots in the overseas market. So, if they can establish an overseas office, they often only do business with other Japanese companies in that country. Our speakers on this stage will talk about their experience with oversea expansion, how important marketing is with that expansion, and the distinct characteristics of the different markets. 

After the sessions finish, with will have a big reception party which we are calling Dai-Okyaku (Okyaku is a word from our CEO’s home prefecture of Kouchi and means ‘a large group of people gathering for a celebration’). At this reception party, you can network with a large group of marketers and exchange ideas and information with each other

We want those who come to see what they want to do and who they want to become and then using that knowledge take action to move on to the next step. We want you to go home feeling the ‘Go for it!’ mentality. 

Our registration website is only in Japanese, but we believe that it conveys the atmosphere and goal of the event. 

Bigbeat will continue to take action to convey our message that ‘marketing is the greatest tool for management.’ We will continue to post on our blog and social media pages (LinkedIn, Facebook) about this year’s Bigbeat LIVE, so be sure to check back in to learn more!