2019.11.11 Report

How IoT and green technology is changing automobiles.
The Tokyo Motor Show

The Tokyo Motor Show is a bi-annual exhibition and the largest automobile show in Japan. For those who have attended past Tokyo Motor Shows, they would have noticed something very different about this year’s shows.

The theme of this years shows was ‘Open Future’ and the show was not only a place to see the newest models of cars, sports/super cars, and automobile parts, but also the future of green technology, electric cars, and other developments (for example IoT applications and driving systems for cars).  

This year’s show was the 46th Tokyo Motor Show and was held at Tokyo Big Sight from October 24 to November 4. The B2B/B2C show saw 192 exhibiting companies from all over the world and an outstanding 1,300,900 visitors. 

You can find pictures from the show below.

IoT, AI, Green Technology and More. The future of automobiles

This year’s shows featured a number of B2B companies not usually associated with the automotive industry. 
 IBM was exhibiting their AI, blockchain, and IoT technology and its applications for self-driving automobiles. 
Hitachi was showing off their driving systems and also had a VR Theater for attendees to take a look into the future of driving.

With the theme of ‘Open Future’ self-driving automobiles and automobile technology had a big present at this year’s show. Pictured above is a prototype being developed by Aisin.

 ▲Electric cars and sustainable technology were also a central part of this year Tokyo Motor Show. Schaeffler used the show to show off their developments in electric car technology.
 A prototype electric vehicle by Lexus 

 ▲ Docomo was present at the show showing off how the development of 5G will change automobiles.

Yokohama tires showed off their ‘intelligent’ tires which uses cloud technology. 

Automotive Part Manufacturers 

Automobile part manufactures also come from all over the Japan and the world to make new business connections in Japan, a country very well known for its auto industry. 

Being an automotive trade show, their were a lot of B2B companies present at the show. These companies were very diverse and ranged from automotive suspension to bolt makers.
Marelli was present showing of how their engine cooling system worked.
 ▲ You could also find many motorcycle and motorcycle part manufacturers present at the show. 

The Big Automotive Brands

All of the big automotive brands were also there showing off their latest car models and prototypes.
 ▲ The Toyota booth was special this year since it did not have any cars but instead had scheduled shows talking about the future of automobiles. 
 The focus and themes of the bi-annual Tokyo Motor Show may have gone through changes this year, but it was still a chance for automotive manufactures to show off their latest products in both a B2B and B2C setting. This year’s show was very forward looking and aimed to showcase cars of the future.
The next event is sure to show off even more impressive advances in automobile technology, such as electric vehicles, IoT applications, and self-driving cars. 

While the next Tokyo Motor Show will be in 2021, there are many automotive trade shows through out the year in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. If you are interested in learning more about exhibiting in the next Tokyo Motor Show or any other automotive show, you can contact us here!