A Website that Shows the Craftsmen Involved.

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scheduleAuguest 22, 2016
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A Website that Shows the Craftsmen Involved.

The same store that has opened shops in Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Shibuya Mark City, and within Ikebukuro Station, “Sabrina Shoe Shine” shoe shine and repair company was now opening their first street-level store at Yotsuya Koubou. We updated their company site in time for the opening.

The site we created embraced customers that wished for a “closer store for convenience” as well as those who “although far away, still want to receive professional care” by allowing customers to order services through the postal service. For convenience, customers can even send a picture of their shoes via an online contact form to receive an estimate on repair costs before shipping. Importantly, to fill in the person-to-person warmth an online reception often lacks, the site also introduces all the craftsmen through personalized interviews to give more of an in-person, face-to-face experience.

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