Acquiring Double the Business Cards from the Previous Year

Nippon Jimuki Co. (NJC), Ltd.

Acquiring Double the Business Cards from the Previous Year

NJC participated in the exhibition to debut their newest product, “Pholly”, which was developed after gathering much feedback from users. “This product was packed with the sentiment of employees wanting to resolve users’ issues and inconveniences. We considered the differing viewpoints and needs of the exhibition attendees, in what way to convey the message, and created a video as one tool.”
To create an effective yet low-cost message, not only the operations staff-in-charge, but also the video director, deepened their understanding of the product. We made the video, not only the booth construction, an eye-catcher to stop attendees in their tracks as an advantage. Additionally, we also changed the management operations to be flexible, and the amount of business cards acquired doubled in comparison to the previous year.

    Nippon Jimuki Co. (NJC), Ltd.
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