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Convey it through a story

FireEye K.K.


Convey it through a story

This is a company whose services focus on defense strategies for information leaks. 
In an era when understanding how to handle personal information, and especially the new “My Number” system (new identification number system) is necessary but not yet deeply established, Bigbeat felt that simply introducing solutions and services might not be enough to convey the importance of security. 
We wanted potential problems that could occur during the introduction of “My Number” to feel familiar and accessible. So, we proposed making manga (a comic book), to put it into story form.
We met continuously with manga artists and our clients to capture the right expressions and to add an appropriate sense of reality. We wanted something readers could identify with, and ended up with a series of 3 informative and handy booklets. 
    FireEye K.K.
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