Red is Red, White is White

Ushio Lighting, Inc.


Red is Red, White is White

Ushio Lighting is a company that provides manufactured goods and services in the lamps, lighting, and industrial equipment field.
They exhibited at “Lighting Fair”, the largest comprehensive lighting exhibition in Japan.
Their products are wide-ranging, each with their own purposes and characteristics. It was essential to be able to express these capabilities accurately and precisely at the exhibition.
We imitated an apparel shop that utilized the company’s products for the booth design, displaying each small article, such as dress, shoes, scarfs, etc. in meticulous fashion. 
“Red items were shown red, white items were shown white. For instance, depending on the lighting, white shoes would be seen in completely different shades of white. It was a booth that was built up carefully, working together with the company’s lighting designer to express the high reproducibility of the whites.”
Our staff-in-charge consistently pursued the question of how to precisely convey to the attendees the company’s excellent products and leading-edge technology.

    Ushio Lighting, Inc.
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