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“Your familiar NOK”

NOK Corporation


“Your familiar NOK”

NOK Corporation is a comprehensive parts manufacturer that manufactures and supplies automobile and electronic parts. Of leading automobile oil seals within Japan, it boasts of the largest in domestic market shares.
To introduce information on its latest automobile technologies and designs, NOK chose to exhibit in the Tokyo Motor Show. However, to do so as a parts maker posed some challenges. 
So, we began to brainstorm. We did not want to create a booth that just displayed NOK products. We did not want to just attract industry leaders. We wanted, instead, to attract a wide range of people to learn more about NOK as a whole, organization and products. 
For that purpose, we devised a booth with enjoyment in mind: we set up a Kinect game that tempted participation with fun. The booth had an unprecedented turnout, including a number of elementary school children on a field trip who pulled their parents and guardians to the booth. 
As a result, we accomplished our goal of doubling the previous exhibit’s attendee numbers. 
    NOK Corporation
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